Why Activtek

Introducing the missing link to improving your indoor air quality.

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Activtek RCI technology does what no normal purification system can to continuously control
fine air particles, airborne bacteria, VOCs and surface pathogens – safely & cost-effectively.

  • Revolutionary:
    Activek RCI actively reaches out & disinfects contaminated air & hidden surfaces (unlike normal purification systems).
  • Natural:
    It’s safe, and eco-friendly, using processes found in nature.
  • New Ideas
    Proven in Space:
    Activtek RCI was developed for use in space stations, the most challenging indoor environment.
  • Filter-Free and
    Activtek RCI does not require filter changes and also eliminates the need for masking & cleansing chemicals.
  • Low Energy &
    It uses little power and needs negligible upkeep.
  • Proven Worldwide:
    Activtek is used daily inside businesses across all industrial & commercial sectors, giving amazing, continuous results.
Why We’re Unique: Activtek is Active, not Passive

Traditional purification systems
(filters, UV, ionization, wet scrubs)


Activtek Air/Surface Purification RCI

Our unique system reaches out to disinfect air particles and surfaces without the need to worry about incoming air or air exchange rates.

Activtek is part of a corporate family, with more than 85 years experience, developing, testing, and bringing to market products designed to create healthier indoor environments. These can easily be installed within existing or new ducting & HVAC systems or as separate units.

The Activtek Indoor Difference
Activtek RCI added
Reduces particles under 0.3μm
Destroys 99.99% of pathogens & VOCs
Acts on surfaces
Eliminates stubborn odors

Who Uses Activtek?

Activtek focuses on delivering environmental conditioning products across all industrial & commercial sectors and to the heating and air conditioning industry in general. See our individual sector pages for full information.

Our worldwide customers enjoy the common sense benefits and the natural advantages of RCI technology as a complement to traditional filter systems or as effective standalone solutions.