Health Care

Health Care

Surface and air bacterial contamination is a serious risk in the health & medical care sector. Problematic, undetected microbes can affect the vulnerable if not sanitized properly. There are unavoidable odors to combat as well. Traditional ventilation systems in hospitals, health clinics, residential care units & ambulances fail to proactively disinfect air and abate pathogens. Activtek is revolutionary technology developed for space missions, proven to solve all these problems using natural processes.

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  • Strengthens biosecurity & reduces infection risks
  • Removes up to 99.9% of surface & air pathogens
  • Disinfects hidden microbes & eliminates odors
  • Improves existing air filter system performance
  • Sanitizes continuously to protect patients
  • Reduces expensive chemical cleaning costs

Health Industry Reputations Depend on Controlling Secondary Infection Risks

Many of the problems in health care facilities stem from bacteria within the environment, rather than as a direct result of the medical treatment. No matter how careful a facility is about disinfecting surfaces & filtering air, new germs are introduced on a daily basis, hiding not just in the air but in wall crevices or even the ventilation system.

These Health Care Acquired Infections (HCAI) are the biggest issue facing hospitals today. Traditional high grade HEPA systems simply filter air and don’t kill the germs. So hospitals are faced with expensive chemical decontamination of surfaces that can mean partial shutdown, only to find areas infected again once reoccupied.

The Problem Solved

Activtek’s revolutionary RCI technology is developed for use in space and brilliantly complements existing HVAC systems to eliminate air & surface pathogens by providing 24/7 fast reacting purification. Discrete & quiet, Activtek uses up to 5 natural processes to continuously recreate outdoor air conditions in a safe, sustainable way. The RCI system has also been proven to be incredibly effective at reducing microorganic concentrations on surfaces in difficult access areas & high bacterial zones, like bathrooms, by using two types of ionization, UV and a catalyst to create oxygen and hydrogen-based friendly oxidizers. But unlike filtration, Activtek RCI technology is active not passive ‐ it can sanitize all crevices in the facility, such as complicated equipment, curtains and beds without spraying harsh chemicals. Harmful airborne and surface bacteria, viruses and fungal spores including norovirus, MRSA, E. coli, Streptococcus spp. are destroyed and infection control is maximized.

Activtek at Work

Continuous solutions with Activtek’s wide product range

The case for Activtek in hospitals & medical centers is proven: ask many satisfied customers worldwide, from Brazil to New York City or from Illinois to France.

Using either fixed Activtek Induct products inside ventilations systems or plug & play portable solutions like the AP3000, patients & staff are enjoying cleaner and safer air thanks to Activtek’s RCI technology. And the word is spreading…

Activtek is now working as well in dentist clinics and less critical environments like residential care homes. Even veterinary practitioners have seen the benefits. The day these types of facilities turn their Activtek system on is the day they immediately start to see improvements in air quality and surface hygiene.

The Science: Independent tests show that Activtek is green and energy efficient and treated air is 99.999% free of harmful microorganisms, circulating as fresh air.

Case Studies
  • FREMAP Hospital, Majadahonda, Spain - Operating Rooms

    FREMAP Hospital

    Fremap Hospital is a successful public health care facility belonging to the MAPRE private insurance group and has 124 beds covering 4,000m2 / 43,000ft2. Their focus is on quality customer service and use of the latest technological innovations. The managers wished to improve air purity in critical treatment areas and to continuously limit micro organic concentrations on surfaces to below 50 CFUs, without disruptive chemical disinfection.

    Activtek installed its Induct technology within advanced TROX system air-conditioning/heating ducts air discharge chambers: six Induct 5000 modules in the operating room system and 1 Induct 10000 module in the rehabilitation room.

    Results: The micro bacterial controls below 50 CFUs were achieved, increasing comfort and air safety for patients, visitors and staff. VOCs were maintained below regulatory thresholds. In addition, the RCI technology helped increase retention capacity on the traditional particle filters in the system by increasing particle agglomeration by 60%-90%. Overall an excellent example of Activtek at work, helping to achieve operating and energy cost savings.

  • Hospital de La Paz, Madrid

    Hospital de La Paz

    One of the largest and most important public hospitals in Spain wished to improve particle and microorganism levels inside its buildings in reaction to the constant evolution of the superbug threat. In particular, it wanted to address potential issues on the new born baby unit. Activtek standalone units and Induct membrane cells were installed in different parts of the maternity operation.

    Results: Once again Activtek’s RCI technology not only successfully continuously disinfected the environment and surfaces in a proactive way, reducing biosecurity risks, but also contributed to improved efficiency on the traditional HEPA filters by increasing average particle size. A double-sided success bringing real, cost effective benefits to patients and staff in an ecological way.

Activtek Products for Health Care

Induct 5000

Duct or plenum installed natural air system. Discreet installation. Low maintenance.  Induct available in different sizes & power.


Stylish, dropped ceiling mounted natural air system - discreet or concealed. 12/24/120/220 volt options. UV bulb monitoring indicator included. Low maintenance.


Self-contained, portable, multiple technologies, whole office air system, adjustable purifier control & fan speed, LCD display - remote control adjusted.

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