Ravitsemistoiminta & Vähittäiskauppa

Ravitsemistoiminta & Vähittäiskauppa

Customers demand freshness and quality while governments demand tight environmental controls on storage and odors. Owners of restaurants, bars, markets & food stores are constantly under the microscope (sometimes literally!) from all sides to deliver excellence. There are many possible solutions to air and surface contaminant or odor issues in food service & retail industries. None combines the continuous action and natural, eco-friendly processes like Activtek does. We deliver safe, cost-effective solutions that your customers will notice and that your staff will love.

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  • Removes up to 99.9% of surface & air pathogens
  • Eliminates kitchen odors, naturally (inside & outside)
  • Efficient even in high-grease environments
  • Reduces harmful bacteria in cold storage areas
  • Extends shelf life of products
  • Complements existing filter ventilation systems

Demands for a Cleaner, Safer Environment put Pressure on Food Service Businesses

With the growing concern over exposure to bacteria and germs, the market demand for a bug-free eating experience is at an all-time high. This is combined with increasing community pressure to control food smells in urban environments. Hygiene, health & safety and commercial challenges faced in the food service sector include:

  • removing threats posed by bacteria (e.g. E-coli, Salmonella etc.), viruses & mold spores
  • removing threats from ‘headline’ superbug infection
  • controlling smells, both inside and outside the premises
  • maintaining quality benchmarks, which are continually rising
  • maintaining shelf life expectations, which have never been greater

The Problem solved

Activtek offers chemical-free purification technology that mimics nature’s own cleansing processes and removes the odors and biological threats from both air and surfaces. In addition, revolutionary techniques now successfully manage & treat the negative effect of kitchen grease in old-style air purification systems, achieving the most efficient pure-air results yet. Activtek RCI technology has been proven to be more effective than using chemicals or comparable purification solutions at reducing microorganism concentrations by using two types of ionization to reduce particles, UV light and a catalyst to create oxygen and hydrogen-based friendly oxidizers.

Activtek at Work

Our systems are installed around the world in food preparation areas, storage facilities, restaurants, cafes, bars & grocery stores. Whether it is a localized solution like a waste-disposal area or a general premises-wide prevention, our continuously operating system adapts to fit your need.

Fixed continuous solutions

The ActivTek Induct range is built into existing ventilation ducting, is visually unobtrusive & needs minimum maintenance.

Portable continuous solutions

Activtek provides easy plug & play options for small to large surface areas.

Grease-resistant efficiency

Activtek works even with high concentrations of grease. No more clogging of kitchen filters or air purifiers with Activtek’s revolutionary processes. The installation of our equipment in facilities that prepare, process and serve food provides peace of mind and protection for both the owners as well as the consumer.

Case Studies
  • Global Restaurant Franchisee – top site, Sao Paolo, Brazil

    Global Restaurant Franchisee

    One of the best performing franchise restaurants in South America, (operating under a global brand), needed an effective odor reduction strategy for the external ventilation stack, due to the enclosed urban area where it was located. No traditional ventilation solution was capable of addressing the client’s need. An innovative, large-scale solution was required. Activtek Induct technology was employed in a custom-made ventilation solution specifically for the higher-grease-level environment with careful project planning & expertise from Activtek engineers.

    Result: Odor elimination is virtually total and the business continues to prosper within a happy and supportive local community.

  • Zena Group – Burger King & Fosters Hollywood brands, Spain

    Zena Group

    Many people enjoy a great grill or burger meal, although sometimes those mouth-watering aromas from the juicy meat dishes can find their way into our clothes or stay with us for the rest of the day. This large, national group always wants to offer the best customer experience & it trusted Activtek to provide cost-effective, portable solutions to freshen the air in 180 of its group restaurants. Two Eagle 5000 light-weight portable units, a product specially designed for this environment, were installed in each restaurant to limit indoor odor contamination.

    Result: Odors from grill and grease have been reduced to a minimum. Customers have noticed a change in the ambiance.

  • Retail Grocery Store – eastern Ohio, USA

    Retail Grocery Store

    This well-known grocery store is a franchisee of a large regional chain and had all the potential freshness challenges common to similar businesses. Activtek continuous-working Induct technology was installed in produce display cases, meat & deli cases, walk-in storage in meat, dairy & bakery and also in the meat cutting room.

    Result: Shrinkage of fresh produce, meat & deli goods was reduced by 60%. There was a noticeable improvement in odors, and cooling coil maintenance was reduced by 70%. Feedback from the store owner after 1 year was: “Knowing what I paid & the savings and benefits received, if you walked in here today quoting a price double what I spent, I would not hesitate to purchase the system”.

Activtek Products for Ravitsemistoiminta & Vähittäiskauppa

Eagle 5000

Plug in  (220VAC),  multiple technology, air treatment system. DC Ion injector. Pulsating -/+ ion field generator. Activated charcoal deodorizing screen.

Ductstation Mini
DuctStation Mini

Self-contained, portable, multiple technologies, single room air system. Available in different sizes and power. Model shown for up to 90m3 / 3100ft3.


Stylish, dropped ceiling mounted natural air system - discreet or concealed. 12/24/120/220 volt options. UV bulb monitoring indicator included. Low maintenance.

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