Hotellit & Vapaa-aika

Hotellit & Vapaa-aika

Indoor air quality in hotels & leisure facilities can be the make or break of a good customer experience. From unwanted odors & mold in individual guest rooms and microbial build-ups on public surfaces or ventilation systems, through to the challenges of high volumes of people moving through communal spaces, hospitality managers have their work cut out to provide safe, clean air for their increasingly eco-aware clients.

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  • Remove up to 99.9% of surface & air pathogens
  • Reduce or eliminate mold
  • Kill smoke odors & other pollutants
  • Uses 5 natural processes to purify the air
  • Solutions from 5m2 to 5,000m2 / 53,000ft2
  • Cleanses & disinfects your existing ventilation system

Dozens of Daily Routines Create Clean Air Challenges for Hotel & Leisure Operators

A successful hotel or leisure facility (such as a gym, casino or theater) is like a mini town all in one: everything and anything can happen to contaminate air or surfaces 24/7 – guests or members bring in microbes, congress delegates or theatergoers sit in enclosed rooms for hours, kitchens emit smells, maintenance guys paint corridors, dozens of showers an hour generate humidity, clients smoke when they shouldn’t…the list goes on. Existing ventilation systems are often too small to cope.

Traditional HVAC systems & filters remove most particles but are missing something very important: they don’t do the job of eliminating the harmful bacteria & odors from the air. Not to mention surfaces, which normal systems don’t touch at all. Up to now staff either ignore these problems or over use chemical cleaning and disguising products – infections start, co-worker absenteeism increases & guests or members begin to suffer allergic reactions, which all influence business success.

The problem solved

Activtek’s revolutionary RCI technology provides the key, missing link, normally left out by the HVAC designers. It uses up to 5 natural processes to actively recreate fresh, outdoor air conditions in a safe, sustainable way. RCI has also been proven to be incredibly effective at reducing microorganism concentrations on surfaces by using two types of ionization to reduce particles, UV and a catalyst to create oxygen and hydrogen-based friendly oxidizers. It’s straightforward but brilliantly effective at actively treating problems at the source – with none of the harmful side effects of traditional chemical solutions. It can be added to existing HVAC systems or installed in scalable portable solutions.

Activtek at Work

Continuous solutions with Activtek’s Induct Range

The ActivTek Induct range is built into existing ventilation ducting, is visually unobtrusive & needs minimum maintenance. Induct units can be combined in different ways – from a single room or floor to whole building solutions.

New ActivTek Inducts are installed daily in an increasing number of busy public access buildings worldwide from sports complexes, hotels, airports to shopping mall washrooms, backed up with continuous & locally-based qualified support.

The Science: Independent tests show that Activtek is green and energy efficient and treated air is 99.999% free of harmful microorganisms, circulating as fresh air.

One time solutions: Activtek Odor Blaster

A guest room or meeting room out of action due to unauthorized smoking is lost revenue. Activtek also specializes in a range of priority treatment machines for concentrated use – working with high levels of oxidants (when the room is unoccupied), our equipment is used time and time again in the leisure sector round the world from hotels in Brazil’s big cities to the beach resorts of Spain, and from US congress centers to Asian casinos.

Case Studies
  • Chicago O’Hare Hilton ‘Environ Rooms’

    Chicago O’Hare Hilton

    This is a brilliant example of Activtek in the US working with a multinational brand hotel to create a real, innovative solution to a fast-growing modern problem, and helping them to win more clients. The Chicago O’Hare used Activtek to create a new product: allergy-safe rooms (Environ Rooms). The renovated rooms were outfitted with hardwood floors, non-vinyl wallpaper, all-cotton bedding, wooden blinds & wooden furniture. Air purifiers containing the RCI technology were featured in both rooms.

    Result: : An environment which is 99.999% free of harmful microorganisms, circulating as fresh air – friendly, continuous disinfection that guests love!

  • Reebok Oasis Center – Canary Islands, Spain

    Reebok Oasis Center

    The owners (and customers!) of this high profile and very busy sports center wanted “a gym that didn’t smell like a gym”. With 1,700m2 / 43,000ft3 (over 18000 ft2) to purify, this is typical of the type of operation helped by Activtek in Europe and elsewhere. We provided a cost-efficient, multi-product solution. Two Activtek Inducts were installed in the existing HVAC system to ensure actively circulating air in the main rooms was receiving our unique photocatalytic oxidation purification. This was supported by 3 Eagle 5000, self-contained, portable, multiple technology, air treatment systems for the spinning and exercise areas.

    Result: Effective, continuous odor reduction within 24 hours and “a gym that doesn’t smell like a gym”.

Activtek Products for Hotellit & Vapaa-aika

Induct 500

Duct or plenum installed natural air system. Discreet installation. Low maintenance.  Induct available in different sizes & power.


Highly-effective portable, light-weight ozone generator for use in temporarily unoccupied spaces.   Adjustable ozone output control . 120 minutes timer.


Plug-in (120/240 VAC), portable, multiple technologies, whole office air system. Adjustable purifier control and fan speed . Remote control adjusted.

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