Muut käyttökohteet

Muut käyttökohteet

Any space that has contaminants, bacteria or odor creating gases, even pollen and common dust, can benefit from Activtek. Our proactive RCI technology either complements existing filtering within a normal HVAC or can be installed in a plug and play format for ease of use. Activtek is the only photocatalytic purifier that actively sends out clean air with the help of 5 natural processes, to safely create outdoor air conditions, (rather than other systems that just wait for the air to pass by). Unlike filtering, this disinfects air and also surfaces not reached by normal chemical wipes.

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  • Fully scalable for small spaces and whole buildings
  • Removes up to 99.9% of surface & air pathogens
  • Disinfects hidden microbes & eliminates odors
  • Improves existing air filter system performance
  • Sanitizes continuously & proactively
  • Reduces expensive chemical cleaning costs

Activtek Improves Indoor Air Quailty Worldwide

Here’s an overview of the many commercial sectors where Activtek is delivering contaminant reduction results to satisfied customers 24/7. Click on the links to see more details:

Hotels, Motels, Conference Facilities, Theatres, Gymnasia, Leisure Centers, Bars, Casinos

Offices, Commercial Buildings, Retail Outlets

Warehousing, Industrial Premises

Food, Agricultural, Horticultural, Florists

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Doctors Surgeries, Dental Surgeries, Veterinary Surgeries

Food Preparation Services, Food Storage Facilities, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars

And here’s four additional common uses for Activtek’s odor reduction and contaminant purification technology.

Activtek at Work
Case Studies
  • Schools, Colleges and Nurseries

    Schools, Colleges and Nurseries

    Children’s lungs are still developing until they reach about 6-8 years of age. During this time, lungs can easily be damaged by pollution or infection. Children breathe 4 times as much air per pound of body weight as adults. This means that children take in more pollutants than adults.

    Childcare facilities and schools often have problems with indoor air quality because of high concentrations of people in small areas, outdated buildings or low maintenance budgets. Poor air quality can increase the spread of communicable diseases and cause discomfort such as congestion and coughing for children and adults.

    Activtek provides portable solutions, like the AP3000, that can easily be installed to begin proactive cleansing safely with RCI technology– designed to create indoor air, nature’s way.

  • Washroom Odor Reduction & Disinfection

    Washroom Odor Reduction & Disinfection

    Where there are washrooms there are bacteria and odors. While other systems rely on contaminated air to be carried through filters to be treated, with Activtek, you don’t have to wait for it to get into a filter: the air proactively reaches out to the contamination, even working on surfaces (both the visible ones and those out of reach of normal cleaning). There’s no need to mask smells with allergy generating chemicals: Activtek RCI technology uses up to 5 natural processes to reduce microorganism concentrations 24/7 in an eco-friendly, filter-free way. From portable solutions to fixed duct-mounted products, installation is simple and quick and achieves results that no traditional filter system can.

  • Refrigerated Trucks or Containers

    Refrigerated Trucks or Containers

    When perishable goods are moved around in sealed environments, any contaminants inside can cause serious damage. Add to this the strong odors emitted by many products that linger & can contaminate future goods transported, and it is clear Activtek’s eco-friendly, flexible products provide a modern solution that traditional ventilation systems cannot provide.

  • Working with Animals

    Working with Animals

    Pet clinics, stables, dog & cat shelters all give rise to odor issues and the spread of disease that can harm the animals. Activtek’s purifying technology is easy to install and is scientifically proven to work effectively on 99.99% of pathogens. This eliminates odors and helps remove the tiny particles that normal filtering just cannot reach. In turn, this stops odors and, very significantly, can help eliminate allergy problems in humans, creating an acceptable working environment for people not normally able to work with or near animals.

Activtek Products for Muut käyttökohteet


Self-contained, portable, multiple technologies, whole office air system, adjustable purifier control & fan speed, LCD display - remote control adjusted.

Eagle 5000

Plug in  (220VAC),  multiple technology, air treatment system. DC Ion injector. Pulsating -/+ ion field generator. Activated charcoal deodorizing screen.

Made to measure

We can provide specific design & size solutions for all sectors (self-contained or duct-mounted). Shown: custom-made ambulance transport solution.

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