Radical Waters

Natural CIP Solutions

Radical Waters is an Electro-chemically Activated Water (ECA) solutions company, who engineer and install NATURAL hygiene management devices. Established 12 years ago in this specialised field and with customers on 6 continents, we are pioneers and leaders in the field of ECA and its integration in the beverage industry. To date Radical Waters has installed over 50 devices in beverage plants located in 18 countries around the world. As the demand for our technology grows we have begun partnering with locally based Process Engineers in order to streamline our installations. This will ensure the best ongoing service delivery possible to our steadily growing blue chip client base.

Why choose Radical Waters?

Quite simply, RW is the pre-eminent and most experienced supplier of this technology in the world to both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic beverage industries. We have the experience and technical know-how to consistently provide effective and efficient CIP regimes for the optimal productivity of beverage plants. Radical Waters has specifically engineered the solutions in order to give extended shelf life to solutions used in CIP. Additionally the solutions can be recirculated back to the holding tanks for use again. The concentrated solutions can also be stored ensuring that ECA solutions are always available for CIP. Radical Waters has spent a considerable amount of time and money ensuring that our CIP system is completely safe for use in beverage facilities. Radical Waters complies with the regulatory requirements of the FDA and the EU. As economic and environmental pressures continue to increase, beverage plants are seeking more cost effective sanitation solutions which reduce water consumption yet provide an alternative remedy to conventional chemical disinfection. Radical Waters is proud to be able to supply our standardised, remote controlled natural Hygiene Management devices on-site into the beverage industry. Furthermore our devices are manufactured under strict quality controls and comply with both European (CE) Manufacturing Standards as well as the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards). Supply into US and Asian markets also complies. Download Brochure