Genuine Activtek Products Only Available From Activtek!

December 2, 2016– ActivTek® has stopped sourcing products from one of its vendors, DBG Group Investments LLC. Dr Christophe Suchy is, and continues to be, President of ActivTek globally. The entire ActivTek® team is dedicated to offering the best, most innovative air purification solutions. As always, ActivTek® products remain available throughout our network of companies around the world. If you are interested in purchasing ActivTek® products or want to make sure you are dealing with an official ActivTek® distributor in your country, please contact BJ Hardman at

The trademark ActivTek® and all its derivative are, indeed, owned by ActivTek®. ActivTek® is also the exclusive licensee in its category of the coveted “Based on NASA Technology” seal.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this press release, please contact Dr Christophe Suchy, President of ActivTek, at 1(888)878-7324.