Food Processing

With the growing concern over exposure to bacteria and germs, the food service and catering market demand for a cleaner-safer environment is at an all time high. These industries constantly face hygiene, health and safety, and commercial challenges which include:

  • removing threats posed by bacteria (eg.E-coli, Salmonella etc), viruses & mould spores
  • removing threats from ‘headline’ superbug infection
  • maintaining quality benchmarks which are continually rising
  • maintaining shelf life expectations which have never been greater
  • minimizing wastage and maximizing operational efficiency.

The food processing and catering industry has welcomed a new, chemical-free purification technology which mimics nature’s own cleansing processes, and removes the odours and biological threats from both air and surfaces. Both the meat preparation and dairy processing industries have benefited from our technology. The installation of our equipment in facilities that prepare, process and serve food provides peace of mind and protection for both the owners as well as the consumer. In addition, ActivTek offers the AirPureTec products to address odour and bacteria problems in walk-in coolers, waste disposal locations, and other food storage facilities. Our tried and tested purification units meet the challenges facing the food supply chain by limiting their liability and enhancing their efficiency.

Associated Applications:

Food Preparation services, Food storage facilities, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars