New DuctStation (DS-GU25)

Autonomous air & surfaces purification system with heterogeneous photocatalysis (advanced PCO). Including a high intensity UV energy source and a photocatalytic reactor, covered by a noble metals alloy, designed specifically to improve the generation of hydrogen peroxides. UV tubes with anti-humidity protection. Low consumption ballasts with anti-humidity protection. Hospital-grade stainless steel assembly RCI reactors with AENOR CB certification Tri-composite very high efficiency VOC absorbent Proprietary polarized VOC’s & particle ActivFilters



Large Industrial warehouses

Office buildings

Healthcare facilities


Schools & Universities

HVAC advanced air recirculation systems


Better IAQ

Energy savings

Better productivity


  • Electrical

    110 - 114 w

  • Size

    25 x 85 x 120 cm

  • Weight

    28 - 32.5 kg

Why ActivTek?

ActivTek Environmental manufactures and sells products that address air purification in commercial markets. Our products include both stand alone and INDUCT units which require installation into existing heating and air conditioning systems. In addition, ActivTek offers specialised air purifiers to handle odour and bacteria treatment in hospitals, healthcare environments, restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, food storage facilities, waste areas, industrial facilities and indoor areas damaged by smoke and fire. We also have specific products for infection control within hospitals and the healthcare industry.

Our technology is the only one that combines up to five nature-based technologies working together to treat indoor air like nature cleans outdoor air - using two types of ionisation to reduce particles, UV and a catalyst to create oxygen and hydrogen based friendly oxidisers to reduce microbial contaminants, and low level ozone to reduce odours.

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