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Children’s lungs are still developing until they reach about 6-8 years of age. During this time, children’s lungs can easily be damaged by pollution or infection. Children breathe 4 times as much air per pound of body weight as adults. This means that children breathe in more pollutants than adults. Children living in cities are exposed to pollution from cars and industry, while children living in the country may be exposed to dust and pesticides from farming. Parents and teachers can take action in the home and classroom to protect children’s lungs.

Childcare facilities and schools often have problems with indoor air quality because there are a lot of people in a small space. Money to maintain or upgrade buildings may be limited. Childcare providers and parents may not even be aware of the environmental risks children may experience in outdated buildings. Poor indoor air quality can increase the spread of communicable diseases and cause discomfort such as congestion and coughing for children and adults. Children and childcare workers may miss school far too often by our failure to recognize and correct environmental health risks.

ActivTek addresses these challenges with ActivePure technology – an active technology which reaches all areas, working to kill microbials in the air and on surfaces that children often touch. It works all day, every day – quiet and discretely to protect our future adults!