Commercial buildings

Buildings (Sick Building Syndrome) Whatever your work environment, it is likely to have some Indoor Air Quality issues. So many commercial buildings now keep their employees in ‘sealed’ indoor environments, where ‘dirty’ air is being continually recycled by air-conditioning systems. The results are:
  • air conditioning circulates thriving bacteria, viruses and diseases
  • odours from humans, food preparation, smoke, detergents and many other everyday chemicals linger
  • employee sickness increases, and morale decreases
  • associated costs increase
With the introduction of ActivePure technology, our systems save businesses thousands in operating costs by improving sanitary conditions and limiting your liability exposure. The benefits include:
  • lower employee absenteeism, increased morale and efficiency
  • destroys harmful airborne and surface bacteria, viruses and fungal spores including norovirus, MRSA, E. coli, Streptococcus spp. etc
  • maximises infection control (eliminates it from spreading) eg. Common flu, Avian flu etc
  • dramatically reduces air pollutants including odours, smoke, dust and allergens
  • reduces air conditioning and heating costs by enabling operating companies to reduce the fresh air make up of the system
  • helps reduce maintenance costs by preventing mildew and algae growth in air conditioning and circulation systems
Remember, Indoor Air Quality is a 21st Century problem which can greatly improve the ‘health’ of your buildings and the people who work there. Regulating the climate inside the building and workplaces is not enough!

Associated Applications:

Offices, Commercial buildings, Retail outlets, Warehousing, Industrial premises