Hospitality and Leisure Industries

In these industries, Indoor Air Quality is of paramount importance as it can directly affect the clients and patrons who are essential to the success of these commercial enterprises. The heating, cooling and ventilation systems are frequently the source of biological substances that when inhaled can make both clients or staff feel unwell, leading to possible losses in productivity and also customer retention.

Amongst the unique challenges in these industries are:

  • High Density of people – in most hospitality and leisure facilities there are a large number of people in a relatively small area, which creates issues with odours and the transmission of bacteria and germs
  • Inadequate HVAC systems – there can be occasional to frequent occupancy levels that exceed the ‘designed’ rates of their ventilation systems. This results in poor dilution or removal of pollutants in the space – especially true for bars, conference rooms, and hotel guest rooms
  • Pollutant Generating Activities – Off gassing of materials such as carpets and furniture, or from paints when decorating, which emit harmful VOCs, can seriously affect asthma and allergy sufferers. In addition, air can be polluted from cooking activities through odours and contaminated air particles.

Traditionally, solutions have been used which only disguise odours and stale air, and in many cases this achieved by using ‘harmful’ chemicals or inefficient filters – all of these require repeat applications or high maintenance. These passive solutions do not remove the problem at their source.

ActivTek provides an ACTIVE nature based solution for all sizes and types of premises that removes the root cause of common air quality issues. Our range of products will service individual rooms, whole floors or even larger areas utilizing the HVAC ducting systems already in place.

Associated Applications:

Hotels, Motels, Conference facilities, Theatres, Gymnasiums, Leisure Centres, Bars, Casinos